Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Memories and Thanks Blog Hop

Today is the day of the Memories and Thanks Blog Hop - another wonderful idea by Lori Anderson. Have a look at her inspiring pretty things blog and you will learn more about all those incredible projects by our dear hostess!

If you want to find out more about the "story behind" just click on the pic above!

In short:
This Blog Hop is dedicated to dear friends or family members who might have died already, suffer from a disease or who just should be mentioned here in the Blog Hop.

So, let me tell you my story now!

This story is about my grandfather (my mom's dad). 
Back then in the second world war my grandfather had been captured by the russians and put in prison for many years. Just imagine that!!! My grandmother and my mom had to stay alone for such a long time during the war!
As you can figure to yourself in Russia the temperatures were'nt really nice and my grandfather had almost freezed to death there. Luckily he was released when the war was over and he could come back to his family.
As he was a very strong-minded man my granddad spent a long and happy life until he died some years ago.
But before he died, he fell ill which caused a severe circulation disturbance in his both legs. 
One after the other both legs had to be amputated.
Being in hospital - my granddad being in delirium - the amputation brought back memories about the war. All the time I visited him in hospital he talked about the time being in prison and the coldness in Russia. He did'nt understand at that time that we were in 2007 and he was in safety. For me and my family these hospital visits were quite frightening moments...

As my grandfather for me and my mother was a very special person I want to dedicate this Blog Hop to him.
My granddad had a lovely house near Munich (my hometown) and a wonderful garden with beautiful flowers and trees. Our favourite flower was a peony in pink and our favourite tree was a lilac with purple blossoms.
Every year in spring my mother went to her dad to gather those flowers in pink and purple.

As I am a lampworker I thought to myself what a necklace would look like with these two colors...

 I searched for some pictures in the internet and on the basis of these two pictures I got started.

1. I got on the torch and  made these lampwork beads in my mother's favourite garden colors.

2. Then I reflected about the design.

3. After that I started to put together the beads, the leafes and tiny butterflies.

4. Finally I connected the first part of the necklace to a silk ribbon.

Well, that's my story that I wanted to tell you! Oh, I forgot...the necklace was a Christmas present for my mother. To whom else should I have given this jewelry piece. ;0)))

I know that this is a thought-provoking story. Some of you now might start now thinking about beloved persons in their lifes. Thank you Lorik for your wonderful idea! Sometimes we need to be reminded of  "Memories and Thanks".

Now it is time to read the stories of all the other jewelry artists...

Please don't hesitate to hop to their sites!

Just click here and you will find the other blogs on "pretty things"!

Stay healthy, happy and keep hopping. ;0)


la mar de bonita hat gesagt…

Kurz vor dem Abflug musste ich noch schnell bei Dir hier vorbeisehen.... ich bin sprachlos! Das ist so bezaubernd schön geworden, die Perlen, die getroffene Auswahl an zusätzlichen Komponenten, die berührende Geschichte dahinter. Liebe Sabine, lass mich Dir sagen, dass ich hellauf begeistert bin!
Liebe Grüße und bis später, Michi

Isi Merkel hat gesagt…

liebe sabine

rundum eine emotionale geschichte.
schön und danke für's teilen.

liebe grüße, isi

pinkchapeau hat gesagt…

Beautiful necklace. Your granddad was a strong man to have survived what he did. The necklace was a wonderful gift to your mom to honor his memory.

Pookledo hat gesagt…

So lovely. And really well thought out.

one-eared pig hat gesagt…

Gorgeous necklace! What a wonderful story, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

re-maker hat gesagt…

Such beautiful work. Thank you for sharing your story.

Becky Pancake hat gesagt…

Your tribute necklace is amazing and very well designed. Your Grandad would be proud. Thanx for sharing.

Shaiha hat gesagt…

What a wonderful tribute to your grandfather. I am sure that your mother just loves the necklace.

A Polymer Penchant hat gesagt…

WOW, that is really stunning! I love the way you used two clasps to keep the symmetry. I'm sure your mother loves it on it's own but even more considering the impact of it being dedicated to her father.

Marlene Cupo hat gesagt…

Your grandfather's garden will always be blooming thanks to your beautiful creation.

TesoriTrovati hat gesagt…

Wow! How incredible that you can just pull out your supplies and create something so stunning from your inspirations! I am sure that your mother was delighted with her gift. Thank you for sharing your story and your creation. Enjoy the day! Erin

Terri hat gesagt…

A gorgeous necklace! A beautiful tribute to you grandfather! Rich with meaning and memories! Your Mom is sure to treasure it! Hope you enjoyed the hop.
Terri G.

Kepi hat gesagt…

Gorgeous lamp work beads and gorgeous necklace.

Perlendschungel hat gesagt…

Thank you all so much for your nice comments!
This makes my heart jump!!!

Kimberly hat gesagt…

What a beautiful piece of jewelry, I am sure that your mother loved it!

Andrea hat gesagt…

What a story about your grandfather. My great great grandfather was the tailor to the czar and my family had to escape during one of the Pogroms. Your piece is so happy and bright with beautiful colors. I am sure your mom will remember all the happy times when she wears it.

MaryL hat gesagt…

Your lampwork beads are very beautiful! I am sure your Mother enjoyed receiving this lovely necklace. Thanks for sharing your story about your Grandfather.

Christine hat gesagt…

Your necklace is gorgeous! A beautiful reminder for your Mother of her favorite flowers that she would gather at her Dads. Thank you for sharing your grandfathers story.

mrs beadsley hat gesagt…

what gorgeous beads and what a beautiful necklace. you are very talented! A beautiful tribute to your grandfather and a wonderful necklace for your mother.

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