Mittwoch, 13. August 2014

Life is a rollercoaster

These days... is a rollercoaster and sometimes acts like a whirlwind...twisting good and bad souls.
But sometimes it grows like a beautiful flower, setting free all those wonderful shades of  the palette of life.

These days...
...I feel more likely riding a rollercoaster going up and down, and up and down and again...
...and then again, the other day, I feel kind of going crazy when my flower of life is slightly growing...
Yes, I have my ups and downs. What about you?

Wise people tell me these days that this year it is time for a restart in what ever respect you wish to.
This year you should also review your WHOLE life and find out what you still have to think through or which chapter is already finished.

You may think, what the heck is wrong with that girl.
Well, the last months I have gone through tough times and I am just about finding out which areas in my life still need some improvement and which don't. I am on a long, long way finding my self again. I like the way I have chosen. But sometimes circumstances let all my hopes burst.
That's the rollercoaster of life.

Those things that help me growing are the simple things like my lampwork beads and my jewelry.
I am happy when I can sit down at my torch, with no need to think of the grievous sides of life.

Flowergardens, on Etsy:

Here you go with the whirlwinds, in my DaWanda-Shop. ;-)


TesoriTrovati hat gesagt…

Those first two pictures remind me of the wings of a magical beetle. May you find the peace you are looking for! Enjoy the day. Erin

Isi Merkel hat gesagt…

ja, die erste perle ist richtig genial!
der rest hört sich ein bisschen traurig an, ich hoffe, du bist schnell durch diese phase durch.

alles liebe, isi

Perlendschungel hat gesagt…

Dear Miss Erin,
thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, indeed, I am looking for some peace, just wanting to enjoy life!
Liebe Isi,
danke dir für das tolle Kompliment für die erste Perle.
Tja, bei mir in der Familie steckt schon seit geraumer Zeit der Wurm drin und Dinge kochen regelmäßig hoch. Im Moment wünsche ich mir eigentlich nur meinen Frieden!
Liebe Grüße,

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